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What is MUSK?

by Rubina Naseem 05 Jun 2022 0 Comments

What is MUSK?

People are always curious about what exactly musk is. So here we are, the Fragrance by EN AAR, giving you the most historical yet interesting information about the world's most demanding scent and where it came from. 

Do you know Musk is a raw, animalistic note that serves as the foundation for the majority of fragrant perfumes. Musk possesses sensuous aspects that are excellent for complementing other elements and also for fixing them. It is one of the longest lasting scents and also among the world's most costly natural resources, even more precious than gold. Musk is a strong base note fragrance that is often associated with woodsy and earthy odors. It was the odor that was extracted from a male musk deer.

According to research, most perfume consumers prefer a scent with a high musk concentration, and it is not uncommon to see musk accounting for 10–20% of the fragrance load in many current perfumes.


Musk has a long, colorful, and terrifying history as a perfume fixative, extending back thousands of years to Tibet's highest mountains and the wild musk deer. Musk was prominent in the Eastern perfume trade, where Arabs and Byzantines famously employed it in the 6th century perfume-making process. The Caliphs of Baghdad, who were highly revered among Arabs, freely utilized musk. To emit the lovely scent, this fragrant substance was also put on the walls of places of worship. It is regrettable that deer have been killed to the point of extinction. As a result, they are now protected by CITES, an animal conservation organization.

Animal musk is described as having a harsh, unpleasant, greasy, animal aroma with undertones of urine in its purest form. (Would anyone like to buy some perfume?) On dilution, however, warmer sweet leather notes emerge following the first ammonia tone, which has been characterized as "balsamic, chocolate, fatty, earthy, powdery, dry, greasy, and sweaty."

Other animal Musk used in perfumery and flavoring include castoreum (beaver anal secretions), ambergris (sperm whale secretions – no longer harvested, but still sourced from beaches around the world), and civet (secretions from the African civet held in a cage and stressed to encourage the release of anal secretions), but you won't find these labeled on your favorite scent because labeling regulations don't require it.

A unique ingredient

Originally made up of glandular secretions from the musk deer's abdomen, this base note is now made up of synthetic and natural sources such as plants. Some plants have olfactory qualities that are comparable to musk and can produce musky-smelling chemicals. Garden Angelica (Angelica Archangelica), Musk Flower (Mimulus Moschatus), Abelmosk, or Ambrette seeds (Abelmoschus moschatus) are all plants that have become popular as a replacement for animal musk since deer hunting became banned.

Musk is derived from the musk pod, a preputial gland located in a pouch or sac beneath the skin of the male musk deer's belly. Males of the species spray from their musk gland, which is roughly the size of a golf ball and located just in front of their penis, to mark their territory.

When the deer died, the bag was removed and dried to make a "musk pod." When you break that apart, you'll find the fragrant musk grain, which is then steeped in alcohol to produce the fragrance we call "musk."

What does musk smell like?

Did you realize that the musk is barely breathable before it becomes appreciable? The scent of its seeds, once taken from its bag, is so intense and foul that even the fastest ships refused to transport it! It smells like wood, hair, and dung since it is highly ammoniated. It displays its appealing animal and sexual undertones after being distilled into an alcoholic tincture. Perfumers then utilize it as a fixative in their compositions.

Musk Nowadays:

Musk also owns other assets. It is supposed to be "dirty," maybe due to its animalistic connections, but modern musk are often not. They are sensual and sensuous, like any other stunning and costly fragrance brand. Transparent musk are now popular because they are sheer, milky, creamy, powdery, or fresh, similar to the airy laundry aroma that customers crave. Alternatively, they resemble clean animal fur or human hair.

Musk's tranquillity and subtlety make it appropriate for all events, including formal meetings, weddings, and festivities. Women that use musk are known for their elegance and femininity. The gentle refinement of the musk and agarwood mix grabs the senses and leaves a trace of timelessness. Men who wear Musk exude confidence and independence. Warmth, sensuality, strength, and completion are all attributes shared by individuals who wear it. Musk gives a bit of individuality to the entire aroma since its notes are luxurious and velvety.

If you are looking for Musk, then you have come to the right place. Fragrance by EN ARR presents a musky-scented natural perfume for you that will give you royalty.

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